How do I set my limits?

Setting and personalising your limits is really easy and can be done in your account under Responsible gaming.

Every account starts out with a €200 euro limit. To increase your weekly limit, a request has to be made to the BGC. They will allow or decline this request. A decision is made 5 minutes after request. This new limit will be put in action 3 days after the request.
Increasing your limit will always require a 3 day wait.

Lowering your limit is instantaneous.

Can I change my limits?

Certainly, because that way you will not be tempted to play more than you intended. You can make changes to your limits in your account under responsible gaming.

What are the minimum and maximum limits?

You determine your limits:

  • Deposit limit. Per week: between €5 and €99,999.

Pursuant to the provisions of the R.D. of 25 October 2018, after registration, a user has a standard weekly deposit limit of €200.00. This means that the maximum total amount that the you can deposit each week into your account is set at €200.00 by default. This is a moving "weekly window", meaning that the week is calculated on the basis of the last 7 days and moves continuously.